Many thanks to Debaser who requested to see Inventory Levels and Days on Market. I pulled these this morning for the Charlottesville and immediate area. So, you are seeing numbers for Albemarle, Charlottesville, Fluvanna, Greene, and Nelson only.


The numbers are what you would expect, each Spring, the number of properties on the market goes up and the DOM drops. In the Fall and Winter, there are fewer properties on the market, but they stay there longer. Part of this is that properties that sell in Fall frequently went on the market in the Spring, and have had some time to age, but there are fewer of them.

Hope this helps.

Edit Note: In looking at this graph, now that it is posted, it is rather disappointingly blurred. Sorry about that, I have to use a different program with data that requires two axes. The DOM is the “Blue” that is below the green line most of the time.